Dry Hire - Tungsten

5k Fresnel

Arri T5 5000w Fresnel on 32a supply

2k Fresnel

Arri T2

Lightstar LED 4 light

LED Bi-Colour Spacelite 720W Lamphead. – High quality light output, CRI=95, brightness 0-100% adjustable. – Colour temperature 2,800K-6,500k. -runs from a 13a…

Photoflex Octodome

The Starlite® OctoDome® nxt Kit is an all-inclusive constant lighting system for video and still photography.

Budget Film Makers Kit

A great basic tungsten lighting kit for the budget film maker

300w Gulliver Kit

2 x 300w heads case and stands.

Dedo Kit

3 head dedo light kit with stands and dimmers.

1000w Fresnel

Tungsten fresnel spotlight.

2000w Open Face – Blonde

Very high light output

1k Fresnel

Compact and light tungsten Fresnel