Nanlite Mixpanel 60

  • £40.00 / Day
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You can choose between three different LED sources with ease. This gives you three different effects: hard light, soft light or colourful and creative light. This makes the mixing panel 60 versatile.
Thanks to the RGB mode, the Nanlite Mixpanel 60 gives you access to 16 million different colour combinations.

The CRI has a height of 98 and the TLCI a height of 95, so that the Mixpanel 60 guarantees colour accuracy. For even more versatility, the light intensity can be adjusted from 0 to 100%. The Mixpanel 60 can be used anywhere thanks to the 100-240 Volt AC adapter.

  • 9 special light effects including Hue Loop, Pulse, Storm
  • Light output of 11320 lux at 1 meter at 6500K
  • Boost mode for light output up to 14950 lux
  • Built-in 43-gel library with 5 CTO, 5 CTB and 33 Calcolour choice
  • Smoothly dimmable from 0-100%

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