Studio Lighting and Equipment Hire

Dedo Kit



3 head Dedo light kit with stands and dimmers.

The Dedo kit comprises of:

  • 3 x Dedo DLH4 heads with barndoors and in-line 24v dimmer transformers.
  • 3 x Nano stands, 3 x 150w lamps and a softcase.

The Dedolight system offers its unique advantages to professionals in many disciplines.

The following list might suggest ways that the Dedolight system will enhance your work.

  • Ultra compact size
  • Light output equal to much larger light sources
  • Precision lighting with beam control like no other light source
  • Clean beam – no stray light
  • Very even light distribution
  • Extreme reach, lighting faraway objects with precision
  • The ability to project background patterns
  • Precision control of color temperature
  • Mounting and concealing lights in any position
  • Choice of versatile mounting accessories

Rugged construction, even for outdoor application

The revolutionary Aspherics2 optical system of the Dedolight far surpasses the traditional concept of studio lights with Fresnel lenses. With the use of two Aspheric lenses which are perfectly matched for each of the many focusing positions, it has become possible to improve light output, enhance the smoothness of the lit field and increase barndoor control from flood to spot.
The zoom motion of the second lens further increases the focusing range.

Price: £55 per day