Arri UDM Cinetape

  • £130.00 / Day
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  • On-Set Distance Measurement: measures the distance between film/sensor plane and objects by sending ultrasonic pulses and measuring the time they take to bounce back. It is compatible with any camera system.
  • Range Limits: The measuring range can be setup through the display unit that is part of the basic package. This allows exclusion of objects that are irrelevant for the focus pull and would deliver confusing values to the camera assistant.
  • System Integration: The UDM‑1 comes with a sensor module and a display unit that indicates the measured values on a transflective screen. When used with ALEXA Mini, ALEXA Mini LF, cforce mini RF, AMC-1 in combination with the LCUBE CUB-1, ALEXA 35, ALEXA Plus or Studio cameras or the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 as well as the Radio Interface Adapter RIA‑1, the measured distance will be instantly displayed on the Hi‑5 or WCU‑4 hand unit. The UDM‑1 also enables ALEXA Plus or Studio cameras and the RIA‑1 / UMC-4 to do focus tracking – setting the focus motor to continuously follow measured distance of a subject in the frame.

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