Aputure Source 4 Lens

  • £40.00 / Day
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  • In addition to allowing the 120d II to produce 10 times its original output, the high-resolution lenses produce an even beam of light, with minimal light falloff on the edges, while maintaining a shift in color temperature of less than 200 degrees Kelvin.
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Aluminium Die-Cast
  • Minimal Edge Fringing
  • Modular Design
  • Hi-Res Lens
  • Easy Sharp Cuts
  • Even Light Spread
  • Std. B-Size Gobo
  • Removable Gel Frame
  • Std. Bowens Mount
  • Dual Junior/ Baby Mount
  • Low CCT Deviation
  • 10X Output w/ 120d II
  • Multi-Slots for Gobo/ iRIS
  • 2K Resolution

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